Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to explain the use of social media for the distribution of information and to protect the rights of Hoya and our employees. Hoya recognizes that the Internet provides unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and share information on particular topics using a wide variety of social media and other similar forms of online journals or personal newsletters not affiliated with Hoya. However, the use of social media can pose risks to Hoya’s confidential and proprietary information, reputation and brands and can jeopardize Hoya's compliance with business rules and laws applicable to our industry.  To minimize these business and legal risks, to avoid loss of productivity and distraction from employees' job performance and to ensure that Hoya's IT resources and communication systems are used for appropriate business purposes, Hoya expects all its employees to adhere to the following rules regarding use of its equipment as it relates to social media.
As used in this Policy, "social media" includes, but is not limited to: video, wiki postings, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, You Tube, chat rooms, personal blogs or other similar forms of online journals, diaries or personal newsletters not affiliated with Hoya. Hoya IT resources include all computer systems and associated software and functions (e.g., the Internet and Internet connections, email systems and any Organization equipment connected to or used by such resources).   No one other than the Human Resources Department is authorized to speak for Hoya with respect to a reference for or comment about the work performance or character of a current or former employee.

Business Use of Social Media –
Hoya employees may use Hoya’s IT resources to participate in social media at work as a means of generating interest in Hoya's products and services and creating business opportunities by promoting and raising awareness of Hoya's brands, search for potential new markets, communicate with employees and customers, to brainstorm issues or respond to breaking news or publicity and discuss corporate, business-unit and department-specific activities and events. Employees may appropriately use Hoya's logos, trademarks, materials, etc. to the extent authorized by their respective Vice President. When participating in these media for the purpose of generating interest in Hoya's products and services, you must ensure that the use of these communications maintains Hoya’s brand identity, integrity and reputation, while minimizing any actual or potential legal risks, whether used internally or externally.
When using social media for business purposes, employees are expected to protect the privacy of Hoya, its employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, vendors and are prohibited from disclosing personal employee and non-employee information and any other proprietary or non-public information to which employees have access. Such information includes, but is not limited to, customer information, trade secrets, financial data and strategic business plans.  In this context, Hoya also prohibits the posting of disparaging or defamatory statements about Hoya's business interests, including social media communications that reasonably may be construed in a way that could damage Hoya's goodwill and business reputation.

Personal Use of Social Media –
Employees may not use personal resources for social media purposes while on work time. However, employees may, subject to the Company’s approval, use their personal equipment and resources on non-work time (e.g., lunch time, authorized breaks) to engage in social media in accordance with the rules set forth below.
Hoya is concerned about employees identifying themselves as employees of Hoya because it may create the impression that your personal social media activity represents the views of Hoya. If you choose to disclose your affiliation as an employee of Hoya, you should include a disclaimer that your views do not represent those of Hoya. For example, use such language as "the views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer," unless the context of the post otherwise makes that clear. We suggest that you write in the first person and do not use a Hoya email address when communicating via social media. Always strive to be accurate, respectful, professional and honest in your communications. Remember that what you publish might be available to be read by the public (including future employers and social acquaintances) for years in the future.
Other than as explained in Business Use of Social Media, above, employees are prohibited from using Hoya’s logos, trademarks, brand names, taglines, slogans, confidential/proprietary information and copyrighted materials or reproducing company materials of any kind, in actual or modified form, in any social media, without written permission from your Vice President. Employees are personally responsible for the content and consequences of what they communicate in social media.
The recommended standard disclaimer does not exempt Hoya's executives and managers from special responsibility when using social media. By virtue of their position, they must consider whether any personal thoughts they publish may be misunderstood as expressing Hoya’s positions. A manager should assume that his or her employees, or employees of companies with whom Hoya does business, can read what is written. Social media is not the appropriate venue for managers to communicate about Hoya's policies to employees.
Social media should never be used in a way that violates this or any other organization policies or employee obligations. If your post would violate any of Hoya's policies in another forum, it will also violate them in an online forum. For example, employees are prohibited from using social media in a manner that violates Hoya's Business Conduct Guidelines; Anti-Bullying Policy; Computer, Email and Internet Usage Policy; Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest Policy; circumvents Hoya's Employee Conduct and Work Rules Policy; defames or disparages Hoya's customers, clients, business partners, suppliers or vendors; harasses other employees in any way; circumvents policies prohibiting unlawful discrimination against past or current employees or applicants for employment; or violates any laws or ethical standards (for example, never use social media in a false or misleading way, such as by claiming to be someone other than you or by creating an artificial "buzz" around our business, products or services).

Hoya's Confidentiality and Privacy Policies restrict employee use and disclosure of its confidential information and intellectual property. Beyond these mandatory restrictions, employees must treat Hoya's valuable trade secrets and other confidential information and intellectual property accordingly and not do anything to jeopardize them through use of social media. In addition, employees should avoid misappropriating or infringing the intellectual property of other companies and individuals which can create liability for both employees and for Hoya.
To protect against personal and Organizational liability for copyright infringement, employees should provide reference sources for any information posted or upload and cite such reference sources accurately. If employees have any questions about whether a particular post or upload might violate the copyright or trademark of any person or company (outside of fair use exceptions), it is their responsibility to ask Hoya's corporate Human Resources Department before making the communication.
Employees must not post anything that co-workers or Hoya's customers, clients, business partners, suppliers or vendors would reasonably find offensive, such as ethnic slurs, sexist comments, discriminatory comments, insults or obscenity. Employees should not discuss or post in social media any business-related matters regarding Hoya's customers, clients, business partners, suppliers or vendors without their written permission. Make sure you are always honest and accurate when posting information or news, and if you make a mistake, correct it quickly. 
Ultimately, you are solely responsible for what you post online.  Before creating online content, consider some of the risks and rewards that are involved.  Keep in mind that any of your conduct that adversely affects your job performance, the performance of fellow employees or otherwise adversely affects customers, suppliers, people who work on behalf of Hoya or Hoya’s legitimate business interests may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. 
Hoya requests and strongly encourages employees to report any violations or perceived violations of this policy to a Vice President or the Human Resources Department.  Hoya investigates and responds to all reports of violations related to social networking and other related policies. Violation of Hoya’s Social Media Policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The level of discipline will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Hoya reserves the right to take legal action where necessary against employees who engage in unlawful conduct. Nothing in this policy is intended or will be interpreted to restrict employee rights under the U.S. National Labor Relations Act, including discussions of wages, hours or working conditions that otherwise comply with this policy.